Why not make use of the growth factors stored in the platelets in our blood to rejuvenate our skin or hair to act as our insurance policy against these ageing effects?

We can help you achieve the results you desire, to enhance your natural beauty by offering tailored aesthetic treatments.
Dr Yash Aesthetics in Colchester uses PRP which is a Cutting edge treatment in which Dr Yash is able to separate plasma containing platelets from whole blood during your aesthetic clinic visit.

By injecting platelets in a Platelet Rich Plasma, we harness the new tissue regeneration ability of growth factors. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) assists in recovery from the aging process and importantly, enhances the results of other rejuvenation treatments such as but not exclusively, micro needling, laser, RF.

PRP is used in combination with hyaluronic acid (HA) as well.

PRP can be used for skin rejuvenation or Hair restoration.

Skin Rejuvenation

What happens as our skin ages?
During the natural ageing process, many changes occur to our skin.

  • There is a loss of collagen and elastin and skin becomes less elastic. Wrinkles and sagging occurs and due to loss of fatty lipids skin becomes dry and thin. ,/li>
  • Exposure to ultra-violet light and certain medications and pollutants,
    can weaken the skin and the blood vessels in the skin.
  • Probably the most dreaded sign of ageing skin is the appearance of age spots, also called liver spots, which are flat areas of dark pigmentation that often appear on the face, chest, hands, arms and shoulders
  • Another way in which skin changes as we age is in its ability to renew itself. Skin regenerates very fast in children, but the rate at which it renews gradually slows with age. Very old people’s skin still regenerates, but it does so quite slowly.

    While results may vary, most patients’ results will last for up to 18 months when a top-up is needed. Over the days and weeks following treatment, growth factors released by the platelets stimulate the growth of new blood vessels and more collagen growth, thickening the epidermis and providing an improvement in the skin’s texture and tone.

    Benefits of a Blood Facial also known as PRP treatment

    ✓ Improved skin texture and tone (silkiness)
    ✓ Increase in skin thickness and vitality
    ✓ Refinement of signs of aging (lines, spots)
    ✓ Reduction of dark circles
    ✓ Hydration
    ✓ Reduction of scars (acne, stretch marks)

    PRP is safe and effective, versatile, non-allergenic, and offers virtually no downtime or side effects.

    The treatment is suitable for all skin tones.
    Post PRP Treatment Care
    • Do not touch/wash area for 4 hours
    • No cosmetics/moisturiser for 24 hours (discuss with your clinician)
    • No further skin treatments (e.g. peel, laser) minimum 48 hours
    • After 24 hours continue with vitamin C topically and orally


    Are you troubled by thinning hair, receding hairline or bald patches?
    Dr Yash Aesthetics is a medical aesthetics clinic in Colchester specialising in hair restoration and regrowth using PRP.

    Alopecia, a common cause of hair loss, is a condition that is not painful nor does it interfere with regular daily activities. Nevertheless it is an emotionally challenging condition, particularly when hair loss affects the entire scalp. Fortunately, advances in medical research mean that today, men and women need not suffer the results of hair loss.

    PRP treatment is now a widespread and well established procedure in all cases of alopecia. Published studies are providing increasingly stronger evidence of the beneficial effect of PRP treatment on hair regrowth.

    PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is blood plasma containing a high concentration of platelets. Although platelets are best known for their part in the blood clotting process, these cells are also considered a biochemical storehouse of growth factors that participate in recovery and healing of tissues by enhancing physiologic processes.

    PRP hair growth treatment is a quick outpatient procedure that takes about 30 min. Cellenis® PRP process begins by taking a blood sample in an anti- coagulated tube with separation gel. The tube is then centrifuged for 10 minutes to separate the red blood cells and granulocytes from plasma with platelets.

    Finally, Cellenis® PRP concentrate is injected into areas of the scalp that show hair thinning. Once injected in the dermal layer, platelet activation will occur, resulting in granule stimulation and growth factor release at the level of the follicles.

    • Usually, there is no downtime or recovery period after a PRP procedure. Patients can continue their normal life routine immediately after undergoing the treatment. • Following a PRP treatment the patient may experience minimal discomfort at the treated site.
    • It is important to note that anti-inflammatory pain medication (NSAids) are not recommended before and after the treatment.


    efore PRP treatment, the area of concern is Bmicroscopically evaluated, photographed and measured. Although results vary, improvement in hair growth should be measurable within 90 days, with hair growth continuing to improve over six months.
    Every patient will respond differently, so routine follow-up is helpful in determining the success of the treatment and if PRP treatment should be repeated.

    A multi-therapy approach may be needed depending on the severity of the patient’s hair loss. PRP may be used as an adjunct to approved hair regrowth medications and other alternative therapies such as low level laser therapy and hair transplantation.

    PRP for Hair restoration requires 3 treatments 1 month apart and then maintenance with 1 session every 6 to 9 months.

    Results are usually noticeable within 90 days but can vary.

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