A little bit about me

Let me start by introducing myself:
I’m Dr Yash Uttarwar a practicing GP in NHS and Oaks hospital, but I’m also an advanced aesthetics doctor.
I started my aesthetics practice just over 2 years ago after having worked as a doctor for almost 22 years !
Long time I know, but I have evolved from being a GP to a women’s health specialist to an aesthetics doctor. I’ve loved every speciality I worked in and learned so much from each one.
I’ve always enjoyed practicing dermatology in my GP clinics and Aesthetics was just a way to specialise further in SKIN.

My clinic offers a comprehensive range of treatments to help with all your skin needs.
Ranging from Laser for dull, tired-looking skin, anti-wrinkle treatments, Dermal Filler injections for cheeks, lips, smile lines to more advanced procedures like PDO thread lifts, Mole removal, Sclerotherapy and Minor Skin surgery.

Starting a blog was my way of interacting with others with skin concerns and to guide them in the right direction.
In today’s world where there is no regulation in Aesthetics, the though of a non-medic injecting into peoples faces fills me with horror !!
So type away any concerns and I’ll try my best to help.
Good day

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