Enhance your beauty with plasma treatments

At Dr Yash Aesthetics, we offer plasma treatments to help improve your skin.

We provide a detailed consultation of your skin type before carrying out any of our procedures. Based in Colchester, we also have satellite clinics in Cambridge, St Osyth, and Manningtree.

We can help you achieve the results you desire, to enhance your natural beauty by offering tailored aesthetic treatments.

Plasma/ Fibroblast treatment

Plasma or Fibroblast treatment using Zeus offers a safe, minimally invasive and effective treatment.
It utilises micro-plasma technology which involves the ionisation of gases to create a small electrical beam or arc between the device and tissue to be treated.

This arc stimulates the instant contraction of skin fibres giving an immediate tightening and lifting effect to the area, without damage to the surrounding or deeper structures of the skin.

The resulting dissipation of heat stimulates fibroblasts necessary to boost new collagen production and increasing the synthesis of endogenous hyaluronic acid.

The healing process is quick and scar-free, and the results are long-lasting


  • New Upper and lower eyelid Tightening
  • Non-surgical Blepharoplasty
  • Fine lines reduction
  • Reducing personal lines
  • Skin tag reduction
  • Non-malignant mole reduction
  • Milia reduction
  • Spider vein reduction
  • Minor acne scar reduction
  • Stretch mark reduction
  • Reduction of Actinic keratosis, adenoma sebaceous, angiokeratoma, angiomas, condyloma acuminatum, keratoacanthoma, molluscum contagiosum, warts, seborrheic keratosis.
  • Tattoo removal
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