Do Suffer with Rosacea?? Here at Dr Yash aesthetics in Colchester we can offer you and effective solution…

Rosacea is a common skin condition where the skin becomes flushed, resulting in redness and swelling. It mainly affects the face, but it can also appear on the scalp, neck, chest and back.

The flushed skin typically feels itchy/burning and small white or yellow pimples may appear, which sometimes become filled with fluid (pustules). When the nose is affected, particularly in older men, the skin becomes thickened, swollen and purple, which is called rhinophyma. In some cases the rash becomes permanent, leaving the skin red and inflamed. Because rosacea typically affects the face many people feel self-conscious about the condition.

Rosacea can appear at any age, although it most commonly starts between the ages of 30 and 55. There are an estimated 4 million sufferers of rosacea in the UK with probably another 4 million with some form of recurrent flushing/blushing.

A background of red can also be present and this is sign is actually very difficult to treat with standard prescription treatments, yet probably the most cosmetically unacceptable to patients. Triggers include alcohol, wind and sun exposure, spicy food and stress.

But Effective treatment is available using DyeVL. DyeVL is a safe and very effective method for getting rid of skin erythema and all symptoms of photoaging. The treatment constitutes great prophylactics for shallowly vascularised, sensitive skin, prone to development of erythema. 

The latest DyeVL head is the first narrow-band, pulsating source of light. It is considered to be a state of the art technology. It enhances the versatility, efficiency and safety of IPL.