What ProMax Lipo does* 

Promax Lipo LogoProMax Lipo uses ultrasound waves to selectively target fat cells without affecting neighbouring tissue. The fat cells become more permeable after treatment which allows transport of triglycerides (fat) out of the cell. The triglycerides are then removed via the body’s own immune system over the following 2 to 3 days.

Promax lipo performs:

  • Body Shaping
  • Fat Reduction
  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Skin tightening
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Face & Neck Lifting

Promax lipo treatment

Promax lipo treatment

What you need to know

  • Safe, comfortable & affordable treatment
  • Virtually pain free treatment with only some mild heating experienced akin to a hot stone massage
  • Results that improve with each session
  • Targeted fat reduction and cellulite smoothing treatment
  • Safe results by bio-stimulation of natural metabolic pathway rather than tissue destruction
  • Excellent value and compares favourably with other laser techniques
  • Clinically proven results
  • Doesn’t require any anaesthetic and has no associated downtime

How non surgical fat reduction works

Our revolutionary non-surgical technologies deliver unrivaled treatments for body shaping and fat reduction, targeting three key areas: cellulite reduction, inch loss, and skin tightening.

Our two step non-invasive liposuction treatment combines ultrasonic cavitation, radio frequencies and, where necessary for optimum results, vacuum technologies to treat stubborn areas of fat on the body and face. 

Step one: ultrasonic cavitation for the body*** 

For step one your practitioner will perform ultrasonic cavitation to treat areas of the body affected by fat and cellulite. Cavitation is defined as being the formation of an empty space within a  solid object - for example the creation of bubbles in liquid. Your practitioner will start by applying an ultrasound gel on the area to be treated. They will then apply a light pressure on the handset; by performing a series of sweeping motions, or a combination of sweeping motions with static periods, areas of stubborn fat and reduce cellulite will be treated.  

The ultrasonic cavitation handset works by employing high-frequency sound waves to penetrate the fat layer disrupt the fat cell walls. The sound waves cause a harmless chemical reaction which creates micro bubbles (the cavitation process) to form in the interstitial fluid - the extracellular fluid that fills the spaces between most of the cells of the body. As these bubbles collapse they trigger a temporary change in the cell membrane allowing the lipids (fat cells) to "leak" their contents into the interstitial fluid simultaneously turning into lymph. The 'loose fat' lymph is then drained, via the lymphatic system, into the bloodstream to be processed by the liver and and eliminated with sweat, urine and faeces.

To ensure you get the best results from the ultrasonic cavitation process we recommend exercising as soon as possible after your treatment and drinking plenty of water to fully flush out your system.  

Step two: radio frequency & vacuum

The process for step two is dependent on your requirements and the area treated. For example when treating the body use multi-polar radio frequency, whereas on the face we use bi-polar radio frequency. Additionally depending on the size and location of the treatment area, in addition to your requirements, a vacuum function may be used for optimum results. 

Step two: multi-polar radio frequency & vacuum for the body

For step two your practitioner will perform multi-polar radio frequency and vacuum massage, depending on the area, to tighten skin and reduce cellulite. Multi-polar radio frequencies are electro-magnetic wave frequencies which are combined, through multiple electrodes, or “poles” to target the top and deep layers of the skin. Your practitioner will start by applying a radio frequency lotion on the area treated. They will then, through continuous slow movements, gradually heating the treatment area - some clients find this process mildly uncomfortable; please don't hesitate to speak with your practitioner if you find this to be the case. If a vacuum treatment is also required this will be performed simultaneously with the radio frequency process.  

The radio frequency and vacuum handset has two functions; the primary function is to emit radio frequency waves to tighten the skin. Radio waves are created when an electric field interacts with a magnetic field, causing vibrations that can travel through a vacuum. With radio frequency treatments highly controlled waves of energy create heat in the deep dermal and subcutaneous layers of the skin. This heating process aids circulation, in turn increasing fat cell metabolism to reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve collagen firmness. In addition, when exposed to radio frequency waves the skin contracts and vibrates, causing pores to close and to become smaller and the skin to tighten. If the radio frequency skin tightening treatment is kept at a regular interval, this desired effect can be maintained over time. The secondary, and still very important, function is to generate a vacuum massage, which assists the bodies’ lymphatic drainage system, which release lipids during cavitation and removes toxins from the body.

Promax can also be used to tighten skin on the face and neck. 

What to expect following your fat reduction treatment

You may experience some mild heat, swelling and redness on the skin lasting normally only a few hours; your practitioner may apply a soothing gel to cool where required.

To get the most out of your treatment we require that you increase your water intake before and after the treatment, therefore you may notice slightly more lavatory visits.

Exercise is an essential element to obtain best results, therefore you will be expected to exercise within 72 hours of treatment. 


Body diagram

Before and after examples


Promax before and after stomach

Bingo wings

Promax before and after bingo wings

Double chin/neck lift treatment

Results after 1 treatment with ProMax

Double chin/neck life treatment before and after

Frequently asked questions

How long will it take?

Non surgical liposuction treatment time will depend on the area size being treated, your nurse wil be able to advise you at your free, no obligation consultation. We would request you allow approximately an hour from start to finish.  

At The Harley Medical Group we recommend a course of eight treatments, for optimum results you would have two treatments a week for four weeks. 

For further treatments to new areas we recommend a two week break.

I have just had a baby, can I be treated?

It is possible to treat a lady 6 weeks postpartum for non invasive lipo, there are no contraindications. However, we will not treat you if you are breastfeeding as your fat will be in 'storage mode' for the baby and you will not see the best results possible. 

Does it matter if I have tattoos or body piercing?

Yes this is a consideration for treatment. 

The low-level laser technology (LLLT) cannot be used over tattoos, if you have a tattoo we will not treat this area. If you have a small tattoo we can treat around the area. If you are thinking of getting a tattoo in the treatment area you may want to consider postponing until you have undertaken the full course, approximately four weeks. 

Areas with body piercings can be treated but the jewellery must be removed wherever possible, if this is not possible we will cover the piercing with surgical tape and avoid the area during your treatment. 

Can you treat all skin types including asian / afro caribbean / dark skin?

We treat all skin types, tones and colours.

Will I see dramatic results?

This is a difficult question to answer as it's relative to your expectations. Most of our clients start to notice results after their second or third treatment*.

There are also several things to consider*:

  • Laser Lipolysis should not be undertaken as a weight-loss tool but should be to remove stubborn pockets of fat as part of a healthy lifestyle. We would not expect to drop multiple dress sizes as this is not a healthy or responsible approach to weight loss. 
  • It is a course which will reduce fat in the area treated a bit at a time it can feel like the treatment is not as effective as you would like, but when measurements are taken before and after a significant decrease in mass has been recorded in all patients. 
  • The treatment is part of a healthy balanced lifestyle, you should maintain a steady calorie intake both before and after the treatment. Increased calories or reduction in exercise during the treatment may result in no noticable fat reduction, this is because the non surgical liposuction is counteracting the change in your lifestyle to maintain a balance.  

*Fat reduction results and benefits vary and are different for every individual. Specific results cannot be guaranteed. 

What is the difference between surgical and non surgical liposuction?

First off we should say that technically "Liposuction" refers to a surgical procedure, "Non Surgical Liposuction" is really a fat reduction treatment, rather than strictly being a form of Liposuction.

There are numerous differences between surgical and non surgical liposuction, which procedure is right depends on patient requirements and expectations. Your nurse will talk you through all your options at your free consultation but the following are some of the points of difference:

Non Surgical Fat Reduction (Liposuction)*

  • Does not remove but normalises fat cells, fat cell empties, the cell doesnt need to grow again as not removed or damaged, it will simply refill if weight is put back on.
  • Depending on the area treated can be performed in under an hour and requires no anaesthetic
  • Non invasive procedure 
  • No downtime, following your treatment you can return to your normal daily activities
  • Can treat all areas of the body - except female breasts
  • The treatment can also tighten skin, so it can be performed on all skin elasticity types
  • Subtle, though noticeable results
  • Smooth and even results

Surgical Liposuction*

  • Removes fat cells - fat will not develop again in the area treated.
  • Will take up to approximately two hours and requires a general anaesthetic
  • Invasive procedure
  • Downtime directly after surgery, recovery for up to two weeks
  • Designed to treat larger areas with greater fat deposits
  • ​Will not tighten skin - only recommended for patients with good skin elasticity
  • More dramatic and defined results following swelling

*ILipoXcell results and benefits vary and are different for every individual. Specific results cannot be guaranteed. 

What does lipo treat?

ILipo has been widely tested internationally and clinically proven for*:

  • Body Shaping
  • Fat Reduction
  • Cellulite Reduction
  • [skin tightening | Harley Medical Group] Skin Tightening
  • Lymphatic Drainage

*Non surgical liposuction results and benefits vary and are different for every individual. Specific results cannot be guaranteed. 

What's the difference between ilipo and vaser lipo?

There are numerous differences between iLipo and Vaser liposuction - the main being one is surgical (Vaser lipo) and the other non surgical (iLipo). Your nurse will be able to answer all of your questions at your free consultation but we will address some key differences*:

Vaser Lipo*

  • Surgical procedure that requires incisions and anaesthetic
  • A little soreness or discomfort around treatment area reported for several days after procedure 
  • A few patients experience bruising for up to four weeks
  • Causes some swelling 
  • Fat cells are remove, not reduced, so fat will not return to the treated area unless considerable weight is gained


  • Non surgical treatment that does not require anaesthetic
  • A virtually painless procedure with no downtime or recovery time
  • There may be redness which disappears within a couple of hours
  • Causes minimal short-term swelling
  • Tightens skin as part of the treatment - additional alternative treatments are not required 
  • Treatment course and a healthy lifestyle will yield optimum results, additional treatments can be acquired to maintain results. 

*Fat reduction results and benefits vary and are different for every individual. Specific results cannot be guaranteed.

Will I have bruising or swelling?

This is non surgical liposuction, there are no incisions  to cause long-term bruising or swelling.

However, you may experience some redness and minor swelling directly after the treatment if you have sensitive skin but this resolves quickly - approximately 12-24 hours following treatment*. This indicates the increase of localised blood flow to the tissue by the massaging action and radio-frequency treatment stage. While very rare some clients experience some very mild bruising which quickly fades. 

Please contact you clinic if you have any queries about your recovery 

*Results and aftercare varies for every individual. 

I've been looking for 'lunchtime lipo', is this it?

ProMax laser Lipo is a clinically proven, quick, virtually painless and effective fat removal treatment with no downtime*,  it can be taken in a lunch time allowing you to return to normal workday activities after.  

It is worth remembering that some cardiovascular exercise is required for optimum results within two days of your treatment. For optimum results ,f you are targetting larger, or more stubborn, areas for fat reduction we highly recommend performing an aerobic exercise on same day following your treatment. 

*Fat reduction results and benefits vary and are different for every individual. Specific results cannot be guaranteed.

What should I know about fat cells?

Fat cells are not just storage bins for excess calories. They are very active cells that produce a variety of substances that influence your body weight, how many calories you eat, and how those calories are used as a source of energy. Health problems, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, liver disease, cardiovascular disease, and certain types of cancer, can arise when these cells begin to secrete too much or too little of these substances.

You are born with a set number of fat cells. If you eat more calories than your body needs, your fat cells stretch to store these extra calories as triglycerides. You can gain new fat cells if the existing cells have enlarged to their maximum size. Once created, fat cells remain in your body forever; they may shrink in size when you lose weight, but they never go away — unless they are removed by liposuction.