In the world of dermal fillers, lips have led the way particularly with celebrity influences. However recently we have seen another dermal filler trend creeping its way up the list to take a firm top spot … known as the chin augmentation.

A firm favourite with the likes of Reese Witherspoon, Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman, chin augmentation is an advanced procedure offering amazing results and is now quickly growing in demand in our clinic.

The shape of your face can be highly determined on the structure of your chin and jaw line. With the chin being the main source for symmetrical faces. At Dr Yash Aesthetics in Colchester we use dermal fillers to enhance the patients profile by placing small amounts of product to the chin area.

This procedure can help to lengthen and define the chin whilst also softening out creases and dimpling of over active mentalis muscles

Topical anaesthetic is applied to the area to minimise discomfort. All our fillers already have Lidocaine an anaesthetic agent, to provide continued comfort and reduce pain.

Minimal swelling post procedure, results immediate